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The Lincoln Assassination
The Evidence



(Defendant, 5:226-39)

"M" R.B. (JAO) P60 1865

Statement of Dr. S.A. Mudd

I reside in Charles County, Maryland, near Bryantown, about 25 miles from Washington. My house is, I suppose, between 18 & 20 miles from the nearest port on the Potomac River; and about from 60 to 70 miles from the west shore of the Chesapeake. I am a physician by profession, and have been practicing some 9 years, having graduated in 1856, in Baltimore.

I first heard of the assassination od President Lincoln on Saturday afternoon (April 15) about two or three o'clock in the afternoon.

There are two or three physicians beside myself living in that immediate neighborhood. The village n which I live is a very small one, having only some 8 or 10 houses in it.

About 4 o'clock on Saturday morning, the 15th, two persons came to my house, and commenced rapping very loudly at the door. I was very much alarmed at this; fearing it might be somebody who had come there not for any good purpose, and hesitated at first about going down. On their knocking very heavily the second time I aroused my wife and we conferred with one another a moment as to who should go to the door. She thought she had better go as it might be someone who came there with an evil intent. Knowing her nervous nature, however, I deemed it better for me to go. I therefore concluded to do so. Before opening the door, however, I inquired who was there. They told me two strangers from St. Mary's Co. who were on their way to Washington; but that the horse of one of them had fallen, and broken the rider's leg. Satisfying myself to the correctness of the statement of one of them having received an injury, by going to a window & seeing one of them in distress, I went and opened the door.

I took them into the parlor, and laid the injured man on the sofa, until I could get a light, when I took him upstairs. His friend urged me to attend his leg as soon as possible, as they were anxious to get to Washington; and, then it is my impression, he inquired if they could reach some point on the Potomac, where they could get a boat to Washington.

I examined the injured leg, but did not give it ...